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The Sweetest Dreams: Products To Help Your Little One Sleep Safe And Sound

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If you're a first-time parent, you may feel pretty lost when it comes to bedtime for your infant. After all, with so many products, piece of advice, and recommendations, it can be difficult to decide on what will work best for your situation. It's best to start small and take a look at a few options at a time. Read ahead for a few examples of products that will help your little get a good night's sleep. 


While traditional cribs provide an excellent sleeping environment, bassinets save on a lot of room making for a great option for those who have limited space. Bassinets come in a vast variety of styles, ranging from basic designs to more tech-savvy models. Look for a design that offers a firm yet comfortable base for your baby to sleep in and that suits your child's preferences. Some models, for example, feature a gentle vibrating setting that can prove very soothing for many infants. Some children, however, simply prefer a simple, firm bassinet to sleep in with no fancy frills. As with any sleeping arrangement, ensure that no loose blankets or other suffocation hazards are in the bassinet while your child sleeps. 


When it comes to choosing the right clothes for your child to sleep in, consider their comfort and safety above anything else. Babies can be surprisingly squirmy so their clothing will need to provide a little give here and there. Look for clothing that is constructed of more natural materials such as breathable cotton, linen or bamboo rayon. Nighttime wear should be comfortable and warm enough for baby to sleep in and convenient when it comes to dealing with a dirty diaper. Focus on designs that feature a zip down option for easy access during middle-of-the-night diaper changes. Sleep sacks are also an excellent investment to make as these will provide a blanket like covering that will not be a danger to your sleeping child. 

Noise Machines

For many infants, complete silence can actually hinder a good night's sleep. Noise machines mimic the ambient noise that is heard in the womb, creating an effect that is both soothing and familiar for your baby. White noise machines, for instance, provide a steady stream of ambient noise that can also be added to other sounds such as chirping crickets, croaking frogs, a heartbeat, or a lullaby. Try to find a spot for the noise machine that will not be too loud but just loud enough for baby to hear. The top of a nearby nightstand, shelf or even sitting in a corner of the room are all excellent places to keep their white noise machine. 

For more information on recommended infant products, contact your pediatrician or a parent's group.