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Researching Preschools? Don't Overlook Their Late-For Policies

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Parents want everything to be perfect and, while perfection is something to strive for, it's impossible in the world of preschool-aged children. This definitely holds true when it comes to time management for parents of toddlers and preschoolers. Ask any parent about delays that they've faced when their children were small and you'll likely have a few laughs as they tell stories of the times their children caused them to be late. 

For parents with children in preschool, being late can be costly. Here are a few things to consider.

Late for Potty Training

Most preschools want their students to be fully and completely potty trained. Some smaller preschools, however, may assist with potty training as long as the parents provide the necessary items to do so such as pullups and wipes. Typically, however, potty training during preschool hours can cause the teachers to be late for their scheduled curriculum. Be sure to understand whether or not your student is required to be fully potty trained before they can attend preschool and that they are trained, if so. 

Late for Pick-Up

Due to the hours that the preschool is in session, there will likely be a policy in place for late pick-ups. It's important to understand that preschool teachers will have a protocol to follow regarding parents being late to pick up their children from the preschool, such as contacting emergency contacts after a predetermined amount of time has passed. You may be charged a fee for being late to cover the costs of the hourly wages of the employees of the preschool as well as overhead costs. If you realize you'll be late for picking up your child, contact the preschool as soon as you realize that you will be late so they will be aware. 

Late for Payments

Another policy to look into is late payments. Usually, preschool is paid for on a monthly basis. If there is a financial emergency and you find you have no option but to be late on a payment, what can you expect from the preschool? Will they not allow your child to attend until you bring the payments up to date? Or, will they allow your child to continue attending while charging you late fees? 

When selecting a preschool, be sure to understand all of its policies. Parents spend a lot of time researching and selecting a preschool for their small children but often overlook the policies regarding being late for various things.