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4 Benefits Of A Year-Round Preschool

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Preschool can be an enriching opportunity for children. In preschool, young kids will get the chance to learn in a structured environment that takes their age-specific needs into account. As a parent, you'll have to decide what type of preschool to enroll your child in. Year-round preschools are an enticing option for a number of reasons. Here are four things your child can get out of a year-round preschool:

1. An Unchanging Routine

Young children are easily upset when something in their world changes. Getting your child used to preschool can be a chore. Traditional preschools run on the same schedule as other schools, which means they break for summer. Unfortunately, a summer break is long enough for your toddler to unlearn all the good habits they built up over the course of the school year. Year-round preschool offers your child an unchanging routine, which can be soothing for children who still experience anxiety when separated from their parents.

2. Half-Day Classes

If you'd like your child to have the enrichment opportunities a preschool provides but don't want to lose valuable time with them, half-day classes can be just what your family needs. Preschools offer parents the option of enrolling their child for only part of the day. Half-day classes take care of children in the morning. After lunchtime, you will come pick up your child, and they will spend the rest of the day with you. These shorter classes are ideal for young children with short attention spans.

3. Communication Enrichment

Young children are still learning to communicate with the people around them. This can be a frustrating process for some kids, as their grasp of the English language is still imperfect. Preschool teachers will help your child learn to communicate with adults and other kids. Independent playtime fosters communication between children, while guided class time encourages kids to ask questions. There will be portions of the day where your child's preschool teacher will ask the entire class questions, encouraging kids to come up with thoughtful answers. Learning to communicate verbally can cut down behavioral issues in kids who act out due to frustration.

4. Age Appropriate Discipline

Children must learn to play nicely and get along with others. This is especially important as they get ready to transition into kindergarten. Preschool teachers will provide compassionate, age-appropriate discipline to kids. This will help children learn to respect the boundaries of others, so they can build strong friendships based on mutual cooperation.

To learn more about options available when choosing a preschool, contact a year-round preschool center in your area.