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4 Question To Ask Your Child About The Preschool Day

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For many children, preschool is the first learning experience they'll have. Understanding what your child will do during the pre-k day can help you to keep the learning going at home. With that in mind, you ask your little learner, "So, what did you do today?" And, what do you get in response? "Um, I don't know" or, "Nothing." You know that neither of those answers are true.

How can you get your preschooler to tell you what they're doing at their early learning center? Check out these discussion starters that will get their talking.

Who Did You Share With Today?

Sharing is a major social skill that preschoolers are just starting to learn. Are they masters of sharing? No way. At least, not yet. But, they will be—with plenty of practice. Chances are that your kiddo's preschool teacher is creating experiences and encouraging interactions that promote sharing.

Talking to your child about who they shared with, how they shared, and why they did it helps you to understand more than what your child did at school that day. It helps you to know how their social development is going. This is even more helpful if you have an only child who doesn't have the opportunity to share with another child in front of you.

What Made You the Happiest Today?

You want to hear the highlights of your child's day. Simply asking their, "What was good?" may not get you much of an answer. Take their thinking to a deeper level and ask them to ponder their feelings. This helps you to learn about the best parts of your preschooler's day (possibly tipping you off to their likes/dislikes and academic interests) and gets their to recognize their own emotions.

What Was One Thing You Learned Today?

Your child goes to an early learning center to, well—learn. Knowing what they're learning helps you to reinforce the content at home. But, asking your child to review a day of content is an overwhelming question for a 3, 4 or 5-year-old. Simplify the question, narrowing it to one "thing" that they might remember.

What Was Your Favorite Book of the Day?

Early literacy lessons are key in the preschool classroom. That means your child's teacher is probably reading at least one book (possibly more) during the day. Talk to your child about their literacy activities, asking them to pick out one story that they enjoyed. Keep going and ask them why they liked the book, who the characters were or if they can tell you one memorable part of the story.

Talking to your preschooler about their school day isn't always easy. They may keep their answers brief or not want to talk about it at all. Instead of giving up, get specific and try out some of these after-school questions. To learn more, contact preschools like Kid's Country Learning Center.